1. Water Dragon (Orlando’s Nessie)

2. Terminator Bust

3. Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite

4. Tyrannosaurus Rex

5. Lego Quad Delta Robot System

Legos have been a huge part of my childhood and even a hefty part of my “adulthood.” Legos are amazing because the hold almost endless possibilities of creation and inspiration, with just the help from these brightly colored blocks. I have made Lego castles, Lego pirate ships, even a Lego zombie movie once in high school, which was my first, but hopefully not last, attempt at stop motion animation. I think that no matter who you are Legos can tough some part of your warm little heart and make you feel happy again. This list is just some of the amazing things a simple toy can make and bring happiness with. Thing such as my number one pick, the lovable Dragon in front of the Lego Store in Downtown Disney, Orlando, Florida, can cause a rush of memories of Lego enjoyment and Disneyworld entertainment, anytime I get the slightest glimpse of it. I encourage you to Google my favorite Lego creations or better yet build me some new ones.

Lego DragonLego Trex